Air and Sea Freight Services
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Air and Sea Freight Services for Business

At Freight Factors, the important principles of superior service are essential to our entire operation.  We are the innovative freight forwarding company, offering the highest degree of personal service and attention to detail.

You will find that because we treat every one of our customers as individuals, we have the flexibility to cope with specialist needs that other operators cannot match.

Sea Freight

A comprehensive, established range of sea freight services
and support options are available for all your freight needs.

Air Freight

Our recognised air freight services ensure that your goods are handled professionally, securely and arrive on time.

Express Parcels and Excess Baggage Service

Express parcel service to Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Africa.  One single price from UK pick up to local delivery at major city destination within 10 miles of any International Airport.

Freight Destinations

 We are specialists in freight forwarding to and from all destinations in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia.

At Freight Factors, we have over fifty years of experience in delivering excellent service for all modes of freight forwarding.

We are highly regarded and provide your One-Stop Shop for the best of air and sea freight services from the UK to any part of the world.

Whether you have specialised heavy plant and equipment or a small package of urgent spare parts, we can tailor the most efficient level of service and pricing to meet your needs.

Contact us now to see how we can help you to get the best deal for your business freight needs.

Prices You Won't Beat

Minimum price 85 up to 5kgs:
Over 5kgs add 8 per kg.

NOTE: Weight charge is based on volumetric ratio of 5:1,  which means you multiply the height, depth and length of your parcel's dimensions (in cm) and divide the sum by 5000.  The chargeable weight will be either the sum of your calculation, or the gross weight, whichever is the greater.  Tip: Keep your package compact to minimise your charges !

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Specialist for air and sea freight forwarding services to and from
Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Sierra Leone,
Uganda and Zambia

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