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Freight FAQ

Documentary procedures and requirements

We pay particular attention to complete and accurate documentation, as this is absolutely critical in completing the shipping process. Customs clearance is conditional upon correct documentation without which your goods will simply not be shipped.


For exports we need to submit a customs declaration on your behalf to HMRC and only when HMRC is satisfied may we ship your goods out of U.K.  In order to facilitate this you need to supply us with a Commercial invoice, plus a packing list as minimum requirements. Additionally Certificate of Origin signed by local Chamber of commerce and/or applicable commercial attaché may be required for certain countries. Please check with us.

Many countries operate different documentary requirements and some can be quite complicated. We can assist you through this maze. Particular attention should be followed for exporting to Arabian Countries, China, India, Israel and Africa.


For import clearance we require a commercial invoice and packing list. Additionally we may on occasions need an import licence particularly for specific textile goods that may be subject to quotas systems or import control. Please check with us.

Household and personal effects


For export of household and personal effects a fully valued inventory and packing list is required. For export of motor vehicles you will need to have obtained permission to export from DVLA by submitting section 11 of form V5C. Please check with us.

We need a full postal and residential address for the receiving consignee in the country of destination, plus a local telephone contact number. Please do not include foodstuffs in your goods for export. We require a copy of your passport and any visa or work permit as applicable.


In most cases you will not be required to attend at any time during the customs clearing process, but we will need a fully valued inventory and packing list, plus a form C.3 that we can supply to you. For motor vehicles evidence of ownership e.g. vehicle registration document and we always advise your having your vehicle valued by a reputable garage to prove value to HMRC.

Generally speaking if you have owned and used your vehicle for more than 12 months whilst residing in a foreign country you may be allowed duty and tax-free importation into U.K. Please check with us.

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