Express Parcels Service
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Express Parcels and Excess Baggage Services

Express Parcels to Europe, Australia, New Zealand & Africa

One single price from UK pick up, to local delivery, at a major city destination within 10 miles of any International Airport.

Because we use a wide range of trusted courier companies, our independence and buying power mean that we can offer you some of the lowest parcel delivery prices in the country!

Prices include destination customs clearing service, though local duties and taxes may apply.

Prices You Won't Beat

Minimum price 85 up to 5kgs: Over 5kgs add 8 per kg.

NOTE: Weight charge is based on volumetric ratio of 5:1,  which means you multiply the height, depth and length of your parcel's dimensions (in cm) and divide the sum by 5000.  The chargeable weight will be either the sum of your calculation, or the gross weight, whichever is the greater.  Tip: Keep your package compact to minimise your charges !

We do not accept electrical goods, foodstuffs, chemicals, dangerous goods, or liquid products of any kind for transportation in Express Parcels Service.

An itemised packing list is required showing your full UK name, address and telephone contact details, and the same details for the consignee. Many countries require advance completion of import declaration forms.

Please check with us that your destination is served.

Specialist for air and sea freight forwarding services to and from
Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Sierra Leone,
Uganda and Zambia